Professor Leslie BankProfessor Leslie Bank is Director of FHISER. A social anthropologist by training, his main research interests are in the field of urban studies, although he is currently managing a large research project investigating land tenure and land reform in the Eastern Cape.
Prof Bank is the leader of a National Research Foundation (NRF) focus area on Food Security Livelihoods and Identity in the Eastern Cape and is also supervising a number of post-graduate students exploring issues of material culture and urban experience in the post apartheid city. He has edited a number of special collections on rural livelihoods and land reform as well as a recent special collection of historical essays on the Eastern Cape.
Prof Bank received his doctorate from the University of Cape Town in 2002. He has served as a research fellow at the University of Cambridge's Centre for African Studies and as the Sir Harry Oppenheimer senior research fellow at St Antony's College at Oxford University. As such, he has extensive experience with the management and supervision of research projects. In 2006, Prof Bank received the University of Fort Hare Vice-Chancellor 's Senior Research Medal. He currently co-ordinates one of the Institute's four research programmes - the Urban Renewal and Local Economic Development Programme.


Matrifocality, Patriarchy and Globalisation: Changing Family Forms in a South African City
A paper delivered at the Social Trends Institute's Family Structures and Globalisation: Africa Conference in Barcelona during March 2008.
"The paper focuses on globalisation and changing family structures in the coastal South African city of East London . In the paper, I am especially interested in the fate of the multi-generational, matrifocal family, which was ubiquitous in the townships across South Africa in the 1940s and 1950s, but disappeared in the era of apartheid urban planning and restructuring." FULL TEXT


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Nkosazana mndai

Nkosazana NgcongoloNkosazana Mndai is the Institute’s Research Manager. She graduated in 2007 with a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Rhodes University where she majored in Information Systems and Economics. Nkosazana furthered her education and received a degree of Honours in Economics (Financial Markets) with the University of Fort Hare.
Nkosazana provides vital day-to-day management and budgeting support to senior researchers as well as provides key support to ongoing research projects and FHISER’s post-graduate programme.These are duties in which she proved herself highly competent while still attached to the Institute as a student, earning herself her present position on graduation.


nomatshetshi (shasha) matolweni

Nomatshetshi (Shasha) supports FHISER's administration and managment in day to day project operations. Shasha also provides key help to the incoming African Studies Masters' students providing students with communication as to programme events, deadlines, and seminar times for guest lectures. Shasha's friendly and supportive attitude is well appreciated by all the staff at FHISER. Shasha is currently finishing her Masters' degree in Economics.